Wild About Cookies Cup Phones

Your cloudie is always just one call away! Talk to your cuddly new cookie friend for hours with these fun, customizable cup phones.



  1. An adult helper or volunteer should punch a hole through the bottom of the cups with a plastic upholstery needle or push pin. Note: Make sure the hole is big enough for the string to go through, but not so big that a knot in the string will fall through.
  2. Thread each end of the string through the holes in both cups. Tie a knot on both ends of the string and pull the cups to opposite ends.
  3. Decorate the cups with Girl Scout Cookie and clouded leopard clip art. Decorate with any other stickers you’d like.
  4. Hold one end of the cord, while another girl takes the other. Stretch the cord between the both of you, making sure to keep the line straight (avoid going around corners). Talk into your cup, or listen by holding it to your ear.